Parental Reflections

"Facing Up To Your Mommy And Daddy Issues!"

In this ebook, you will learn all about:

- The Dynamics Of Childhood Experiences
- Find What Sets You Off-A Look At Stress
- Get Control Back
- Find Support
- Stay Healthy
- Abolish Bad Habits
- Give Yourself A Break
- Accept And Release
- And Much MORE!!

Youngsters are often deemed highly resilient and able to get over just about any state of affairs, but wounding experiences in childhood can have severe and long-lived effects well into adulthood if they're left unresolved.

Childhood issues with parents can result from anything that makes a youngster feel helpless and interrupts their sense of safety and protection, including: sexual, physical or verbal abuse; domestic violence; an precarious or unsafe surroundings; separation from a parent; neglect; bullying; grave illness; or intrusive medical procedures.

So let’s have a deeper look at how to deal with these issues.

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