Inspirational Lessons From Inspirational People

"Daily Affirmations And Motivation For 21st Century Living!"

In this book, you will learn all about:

- Nelson Mandela and Courage
- Russell Simmons and Being A Visionary
- Warren Buffett and Growing For Success
- Princess Diana and Kindness
- Mahatma Ghandi and Following Through
- Mother Teresa and Humbleness
- Martin Luther King for the Good of Others
- Buddha and Inspiring People
- Winston Churchill and Enjoying Life
- Richard Branson and Reaching for Opportunity
- And Much MORE!!

As humankind, our power to learn huge amounts of data is among the biggest qualities we have. Frequently, however, we discover things that hold us back like limiting beliefs and think that the judgments of other people are true up.

The pitiful thing is, many individuals who are willing to put us down, the ones that can make us question ourselves, never really make anything of their own journeys. Rather than looking at anybody and everybody to teach you about life, we should look towards individuals that have really made a difference in their own.

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