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The reasons why

About Us...

We initially set up this web site to enable people to purchase Self Help & Personal Growth Books online, with the minimum of fuss and within their budget. We are not giving them away for free. We can’t afford to do that. They are not the sort of books which can be given away. People who offer hundreds of free ebooks on their sites, devalue the entire reason for having them in the first place.

So we set about creating a growing range of books which are well written and on a wide range of subject titles, at an affordable price. This is something we will build upon as time goes on. So expect to see many more hitting the shelves, so to speak.


We bring you a wide range of specialised self help and business help ebooks. From Business Planning, Personal Growth, Addictions, Spiritual, Motivation, Fitness, Parental, Love, Attraction, Weight Loss and much more! Business growth, positive thinking, stress relief and self achievement.


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I cannot say thank you enough. These books have helped me enormously. I read them again and again and I see something new each time.

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Awaiting Content

Awaiting Content

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